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LED Tape Strip Lights

There’s a huge range of LED strip light and tape; splash-proof, waterproof and colour-changing options. They are easy to install and energy efficient. Also known as LED tape or ribbon, once installed the whole strip works as one continuous light.


What Part P work is Notifiable

Part P applies standards for the safe installation of electrical systems in residential buildings and makes it a legal requirement that: 'Reasonable provision shall be made in the design and installation of electrical installations in order to protect persons.'


Segregation of Emergency Circuits

A UPS system is usually ‘optional’ wiring whereas fire and EM lighting are a ‘legal’ requirement and need to be dedicated entirely for that purpose. If sharing containment then they must be segregated. Wiring for ‘legally’ required standby loads are permitted in the same run or enclosure with other general wiring (701.10).


The origin of a supply

A trend in fires caused by moulded thermoplastic consumer units has led to regulatory amendment to address the danger. This article discusses the technical aspect of source of installation enclosures.


What are Minor Works

In simple terms, notifiable work such as fitting a new consumer unit requires a certificate from your electrician and a certificate from building control whereas work that is not notifiable to building control, is recorded on a minor works certificate.