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Never give up the fight. There is so much confusion isn’t there, but divide and conquer never fails. The police are no longer bobbies on patrol but instead the enforcers of a corrupted state.

Police bashing up citizens, supressing human rights and freedom of speech. Their purpose has shifted from law enforcement to population control – a police state.

Of course if you have not lost any freedom yet, been prevented from expressing your views, or punished for protesting, then you whole heartedly will see no wrong in the world today and unwittingly you’ll be part of the sweeping fascism of today. The German people said of the nazis, that they didn’t realise what was really happening until it was too late!

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This government continues to bow to Brussels, British politicians are delusional and do not value nationalism and have openly strived to erode democracy.

Brexit was one of the greatest events in British history, It exposed the scale of EU indoctrination and control. That undemocratic power base, chiefly controlled by France and Germany, was encouraged and allowed to dismantle this great nation over 60 years.

It’s becoming clearer that once more this small island is destined to save a warring Europe when the EU falls apart and the fighting starts.

The politicians and citizens that have been colluding to bring this great nation to servitude should never be allowed to forget their treachery    

Brexit isn’t over – Never vote at elections for someone that voted to Remain in the EU!

It should be made law for our schools to teach about self-governance and sovereignty. The youth should understand the remarkable it took to get Brexit and just how very close it was to being lost.

The world watched a conniving parliament dismantling democracy and dividing the country.  Almost 50% of the voting population held no regard for the values that previous generations had gone to war for.

In the end it came down to the so called ‘silent majority’ and the many patriots that took up the fight to secure Brexit. These are the real heroes of today.


The world has gone mad, The lunatics really are running the asylum. Be strong, treasure your sanity and value freedom – and never ever give up opposing repression and tyranny.


There’s some stuff about me and a lot more on General Interest topics which I’ve divided into five categories.

I’ve never hurt anyone, not been in prison, have paid a lifetime’s due of taxes and national insurance, and yet I have been labelled an outcast by a system that will not tolerate disobedience and an ignorant people who ply hatred simply because I do not share their indoctrinated and brainwashed views.

You will find material on Brexit, the scamdemic, face masks, lock downs and vaccinations as I like to think that I see the world as it is and not as it is forcefully presented to me!


North London is as unstable a place as any these days. Here I look at Archway, where I have lived for over forty years. From a carbuncle gyratory of the 1960s has finally in recent years received recognition as a significant place. This is the place Dick Whittington looked over London and Florence Nightingale opened the first mental care unit.


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A choice selection from the blog for the front page.

What are saveloy skins made of?

What are saveloy skins made of?

The saveloy sausage has a long tradition in England in its different guises up and down the UK. But why is it red and what’s the history of this humble sausage?

read more
The Doctor of Chocolate

The Doctor of Chocolate

Cambridge University created a new post for a doctor of chocolate for a three and a half year project to look into how chocolate can remain solid in warm climates. The job was placed in the university’s department of chemical engineering & biotechnology.

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Zoutelande – Geike Arnaert & BLOF

Scandanavian singers Geike and Blof singing their hit Zoutelande. Before her solo career Geike was the lead singer of Hooverphonic. Her music since has been far removed from the Hooverphonic sound with exception perhaps to the single ‘Blinded’ which almost feels like Alex and Raymond are close by. Find out more about Geike and Hooverphonic in the Music section.

pakistan in 29 days —

The Guru Aziz seeking spiritual enlightenment, sets out on an epic journey of discovery to Pakistan, which he believes to be the cradle of wisdom that once emerged from ancient civilisations along the Indus Valley. The story is told in over 600 scenes and by the end of it, you will truly have a flavour of Pakistan and an insight into one of the most dangerous places on earth to be at.

The Guru lands in Karachi, the southern tip of Pakistan, and travels towards the Capital of Islamabad at the northern tip. With the Indus River cutting through the centre of Pakistan, the country has a turbulent West with the provinces of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and a milder East of Sindh and Punjab. Mr Aziz chooses the Eastern route, not least because the Punjab is his main interest, and the subject matter of his current book about this region of the South Asian sub-continent.

Feature 2 – The Last Romanovs

The last of the Romanovs is a sad story of plotting, sadness and the murder of a royal family. It’s well over a hundred years since the Bolshevik revolution and yet the Russian government still does not acknowledge what took place.

Here is their story.

Feature 3 – Architecture

Architecture is for people, not just for architects and builders. It is foremost a necessity to provide shelter and facilitate our lives, but styles and methods of construction have always been about national pride and the desire to make a mark in human history and be remembered in future ages.

This page looks at skyscrapers and bridges and the designs of churches, airports and other architectural fascinations.

the history of gin

category: culinary

The history of gin goes hand in hand with the history of rum and the story of distillation. Fermentation is a natural process whereby distillation is a type of processing. We process a fermented base in order to obtain a higher percentage of alcohol by volume.

However, the refinement in the distillation process means a filtering out of flavour; more alcohol, less flavour. And so distillation is essentially the art of hitting the right balance between the desired alcohol content and level of flavour.

bitcoin & the blockchain

category: media

You have to have been living in an igloo not to have heard of Bitcoin. You may have come across it on the internet, or seen the newspaper headlines. But do you know what it is and how it differs from the existing currency.

Because it offers anonymity Bitcoin is used to facilitate transactions for drugs and arms. But at its core Bitcoin is just a technology, it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just there to be used. In 2017 its value sky-rocketed and in 2018 it’s setting out to change banking forever.

women with t-shirts

category: humour

From the cheeky to the saucy or rude, women are accordingly voicy in proportion with the assets they have been blessed with. If you have it – flaunt it, as the saying goes!

Humour is the best medicine, the humour category contains all sorts of witty amusement including jokes, funny photos, quips, interesting facts and many items to keep you chuckling for a while.

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