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Recent events

Valkenburg – Netherlands

21 June 2018 – Openluchttheater

“When we presented our tickets we were told that they were fake. We had purchased them from the link provided on the Hooverphonic website and it was all official yet they insisted the tickets were fake. So we started to walk away very disappointed but the staff called us back and let us in, so it was not a wasted journey in the end.

21 June 2018 – Openluchttheater

“Thank you Hooverphonic for a lovely evening.”  Words from daughter Aimie who attended the concert with her friend Tamara.

“It was so cold that evening that I couldn’t feel my fingers. We travelled a couple of hours on the train and checked into a nice hotel, just an hour before the show, so we basically went from train to hotel to venue.”

Look what they have here, water infused with herbs and chocolate called ‘Tony’.


Image from

A wide view of the intimate Valkenburg venue. Image credit to Liesbeth Mantel on Twitter.

Alex asked there were any singers in the audience and this woman went on stage to sing. What a nice thing to do at a concert.

Crammerock – Belgium

31 Aug 2018 – Crammerock Stekene

The first Belgian festival with Luka. Image from posted by user hooverphonicoff.

31 Aug 2018 – Crammerock Stekene

Closing the festival at Crammerock. Image from posted by user marijkedebusscherefotografie

As close as you can get to the stage at Crammerock. Image credit to FrontView Magazine.

US tour 2018

7 June 2018 – New York

Hooverphonic arrive in New York, June 2018. Image from Hooverphonic social media.

7 June 2018 – New York

Arriving in New York and a coincidental meeting with Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister Didier Reynders.

As coincidences go, on the day before the concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York, the band bumped into Belgian’s Foreign Affairs Minister who was there to secure a seat for Belgium on the Security Council of the United Nations. He invited Hooverphonic to play at a scheduled reception for the fifteen permanent representatives and Hooverphonic gave them a short performance. What’s in the box presented to Alex and Raymond is anyone’s guess.

9 June 2018 – San Francisco

Image from Shadester on Instagram.

Image from bitonio on Flickr.

12 June 2018 – Los Angeles

Image from Bootleg Theater facebook page.

Image from Bootleg Theater facebook page.

Luka Cruysberghs

The band land for the US Tour 2018.

Luka and Pieter singing Hiding in a Song or Badaboum together.

The main trio in New York

Raymond Geerts

Lokerse Festival 13 August 2016 – Raymond often likes a bottle of beer during a performance.

Le Casino De Spa, 25 January 2008 – Credit: Z. Zorglub.

Credit: Jason Miller.

Credit: Peter Heuts.

Credit: Ronnie Uwenhuizen.

Alex Callier

Credit: 19-March 2012.

Crammerock Festival 2016 – Credit: Caroline De Meyer.

Alex and Raymond usually attend media interviews together, with Alex doing most of the talking and Raymond taking it all in, interjecting here and there with some valid point, opinion or correction.

Various from the In Wonderland era

Nina left and Kimberly right, with Raymond in the background.

Lucerna Music Bar, Prague, 25 May 2016. Credit: Tomáš Klíma.

There’s probably a perfectly valid reason why the band are in a toilet together, and can’t Alex and Raymond go anywhere without their guitars! L to R: Nina Sampermans, Raymond Geerts, Émilie Satt, Pieter Piersman, Alex Callier.

Crammerock Festival 2016 – L to R: Alex Callier, Kinberly Dhont, Nina Sampermans, Pieter Piersman, Raymond Geerts.

Kimberly Dhont by Jessepoes

Arnout Hellofs by Peter Heuts.

Pieter Piersman at Baudet’stival 10 July 2016,
Credit: Loïc Warin.

Pieter and Nina at the Crammerock festival 2016. Credit: Caroline De Meyer

Noémie Wolfs

Geike Arnaert

Credit: Stijn Bonte

Bestival Bucharest 29 June 2007. Credit: Diana Andreea Margarit.

Geike singing Serangi at the Benicassim festival 2 December 2011.

Geike singing Revolver.

I know it looks like Geike is smoking a massive pipe but I think that’s just an optical illusion, although I could be wrong.


La Maroquinerie, Paris – 7 June 2008. Credit: Alexandre Lung.

Credit: Stijn Bonte

W2 Poppodium, Netherlands, 7 November 2007.
Credit: Vincent De Lahaije – gd2ltd.

Credit: Manuel Van De Weijer on flickr

Geike at Tivoli, Utrecht in the Netherlands on 18 January 2008. Credit: Peter Heuts.

Tivoli, Utrecht on 18 January 2008. Credit: Peter Heuts.

Pot Pourri

Alex and Emilie. Credit: Joris Bulckens on

Raymond at the Eclat festival, Soignies on 30 August 2008. Credit: Z.Zorglub on P Vanlombeek.

Raymond Geerts, Liesje Sodonius, Frank Duchene, Alex Callier.

Raymond at the Eclat festival, Soignies on 30 August 2008. Credit: Z.Zorglub on P Vanlombeek.

Raymond Geerts, Liesje Sodonius, Frank Duchene, Alex Callier.

Pieter and Nina at the Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium on 17 May 2017.

Liesje Sodonius.

The band giving a preview performance onsite before the gig that evening at 8pm at the Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium on 17 May 2017.

W-Hall Auditorium, Centre Culturel, Woluwe-St-Pierre, Belgium.

Arnout Hellofs at the Festival De Beschaving, Utrecht, Netherlands on 18 June 2011. Credit: Jacob Bours.

Arnout Hellofs at the Amsterdamse Bos Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 25 August 2013. Credit:

Lucerna Music Bar, Prague – 25 May 2016.