Photo credit: Kirill Sharf

Photo credit: Kirill Sharf

Hooverphonic Jukebox

This page is a collection of many Hooverphonic tracks directly playable and some of the band’s music videos available on youtube.

Hooverphonic performing ‘The Wrong Place’ Eurovision 2021.

Hooverphonic performing ‘Release Me’ Feb 2020 for the Eurovision 2020 that never was.

Geike Arnaert
The Best Of Hooverphonic on youtube

If I’d known about the album ‘Hooverphonic Collected’ then I probably would have bought it. But instead, I discovered Hooverphonic on youtube. The black and white footage and striped dress worn by Noémie caught my eye and as I watched the famed concert at Koningin, which I learned later was ‘the’ live recording of the album ‘Hooverphonic With Orchestra’, I became completely mesmerised.

Hooverphonic performing ‘Uptight’ in studio – November 2018.

There are more youtube video links on the concerts page, where some concerts have links to video.