Hooverphonic performing ‘Thinking About you’ 2021. © Universal Music Belgium.

Who they are

Hooverphonic have been around a long time so let’s start rolling by looking at their history. This is their story.

The members

The founding members are still going strong but over their long history they have seen a wealth of talented front and backing singers.


Their albums tell the story of their journey from highly trip-hop to the highly eclectic mix of In Winterland. This section lists the albums and lyrics.

Hooverphonic in London

They came to my home town, they entertained, and after the show they went to a pub and that’s when and where I met the band. It turned into one of the greatest evenings of my life.

The Hooverphonic Jukebox

This page presents many of the band’s audio tracks as well as videos on youtube. There’s a selection from all lead singers and it’s a great way to discover the band. If you enjoy, then please support the artists and buy the track or album.

A Photo Album

Over the long history of this band there have been many lead singers and hundreds and hundreds of performances – So what small collection of photos could describe their story – here is my attempt to do that.


For more than 20 years Hooverphonic have been making great music. This is a list of albums and songs along with some rare playable music such as Femme Fatale and Kaleidoscope.


Hooverphonic are travelling more than ever from Flanders to the UK, the US, Turkey and a host of other places. Here we list a schedule of performances.