Brexit Movies

Brexit The Movie

A 2016 British documentary film written and directed by Martin Durkin, advocating for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. The film’s production was funded through crowdfunding on a budget of £300,000. Producers: David Shipley, Kate Edwards. Released 11 May 2016.

Olympia 2019

The Brexit Party held rallys all over the UK in the lead up to the European elections, these clips are when they came to London.

I arrived for the rally at Olympia in good time, the weird guy Femi was there trying to intimidate queuers but in vain. I got through the doors and the next thing Nigel Farage walked straight past me. It took a few seconds while I fumbled for my mobile camera and just managed to snap this blurry image before he disappeared behind the screens. That’s him in the in the middle walking off to prepare for his appearance.

It was a real surprise that all the prospective MEP candidates came on to the stage. You can see Belinda De Lucy at the front and Annunziata Rees-Mogg at towards the end. Almost all of them were elected MEPs. On their way out I shook hands with a few including Dr Bull and Mr Habib and spoke to Richard Tice; I got tongue-tied and couldn’t think of what to ask him, so it was brief. And of course I got to shake the hand of Mr Brexit himself.

Nigel Farage waiting in the aisle to go on to the stage. It’s me shouting at the end.

Nigel Farage walking off stage at Olympia 2019, brief clip of me shaking his hand. (snapshot on Brexit page).

Faux brexit day 2019

We met in Parliament Square for Brexit Day – 2pm 31st March 2019. It didn’t happened..

Arriving at Parliament Square. A little walk around to catch the atmosphere.

Nigel Farage’s speech on the Leave Means Leave stage.

Brexit Day 2020

We met in Parliament Square for Brexit Day – 11pm 31st January 2020.

The countdown to 11pm when the UK left the EU.

11.15pm – Walking up Whitehall on the way to the Embankment tube station.

The marvellous Tim Martin, owner of JD Wetherspoon.