Welcome To My Tribute To Columbo

Series: 11

Episodes: 69

Channel: NBC (America)

Screened: 1971 to 1978

Main cast: Peter Faulk ……………….. columbo

Note: Negotiations between Falk and the studio simply petered out and the Columbo series came to a natural end.

Columbo is my fascination. I recall watching Columbo throughout my life. When I had my first VHS recorder began I recorded episodes and years later transferred them to DVDs. In time the complete boxset was released in stages on DVD which I bought from Amazon.

I never got in to the spin off Mrs Columbo although I want to one day, and there was even a stage play of the pilot episode some years back which I wished I had seen. When I told my wife one day that I was ordering a Columbo raincoat from Amazon she said that if it ever arrived at the house, on that day she would call a solicitor.

I may have been taking things too far but a lifelong fan I have remained and I cannot say how many times I have rewatched each episode. It doesn’t mean I am an expert and know all the details of every single episode, indeed that’s the secret in being able to rewatch episodes tirelessly. I can only claim to be a fan and admirer of Peter Faulk.


(1) P1 Prescription Murder
(2) P2 Ransom For A Dead Man


(3) 1.1 Murder By The Book
(4) 1.2 Death Lends A Hand
(5) 1.3 Dead Weight
(6) 1.4 Suitable For Framing
(7) 1.5 Lady In Waiting
(8) 1.6 Short Fuse
(9) 1.7 Blueprint For Murder


(10) 2.1 Etude In Black
(11) 2.2 The Greenhouse Jungle
(12) 2.3 The Most Crucial Game
(13) 2.4 Dagger Of The Mind
(14) 2.5 Requiem For A Falling Star
(15) 2.6 A Stitch In Crime
(16) 2.7 The Most Dangerous Match
(17) 2.8 Double Shock


(18) 3.1 Lovely But Lethal
(19) 3.2 Any Old Port In A Storm
(20) 3.3 Candidate For Crime
(21) 3.4 Double Exposure
(22) 3.5 Publish Or Perish
(23) 3.6 Mind Over Mayhem
(24) 3.7 Swan Song
(25) 3.8 A Friend In Deed


(26) 4.1 An Exercise In Fatality
(27) 4.2 Negative Reaction
(28) 4.3 By Dawn’s Early Light
(29) 4.4 Troubled Waters
(30) 4.5 Playback
(31) 4.6 A Deadly State Of Mind


(32) 5.1 Forgotten Lady
(33) 5.2 A Case Of Immunity
(34) 5.3 Identity Crisis
(35) 5.4 A Matter Of Honor
(36) 5.5 Now You See Him
(37) 5.6 Last Salute To The Commodore


(38) 6.1 Fade In To Murder
(39) 6.2 Old Fashioned Murder
(40) 6.3 The Bye Bye Sky-High I.Q. Murder Case


(41) 7.1 Try And Catch Me
(42) 7.2 Murder Under Glass
(43) 7.3 Make Me A Perfect Murder
(44) 7.4 How To Dial A Murder
(45) 7.5 The Conspirators


(46) 8.1 Columbo Goes To The Guillotine
(47) 8.2 Murder, Smoke, And Shadows
(48) 8.3 Sex And The Married Detective
(49) 8.4 Grand Deceptions


(50) 9.1 Murder, A Self Portrait
(51) 9.2 Columbo Cries Wolf
(52) 9.3 Agenda For Murder
(53) 9.4 Rest In Peace, Mrs Columbo
(54) 9.5 Uneasy Lies The Crown
(55) 9.6 Murder In Malibu


(56) 10.1 Columbo Goes To College
(57) 10.2 Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
(58) 10.3 Columbo And The Murder Of A Rock Star


(59) S1 Death Hits The Jackpot
(60) S2 No Time To Die
(61) S3 A Bird In The Hand
(62) S4 It’s All in the Game
(63) S5 Butterfly In Shades Of Gray
(64) S6 Undercover
(65) S7 Strange Bedfellows
(66) S8 A Trace of Murder – 25th Anniversary
(67) S9 Ashes to Ashes
(68) S10 Murder With Too Many Notes
(69) S11 Columbo Likes the Nightlife


Q In which episode does this Columbo painting appear?

Answer 1

Episode 50, i.e. S9E1 Murder, A Self Portrait

Q In which episode does ‘Norm’ from cheers (George Wendt) appear as the guest killer?

Answer 2

Strange Bedfellows (Series 11 /Specials episode 7)

Q What is Columbos’s favourite food?

Answer 3

A bowl of house chili with crackers crumbled on top.

Q What is the number plate on Columbo’s car?

Answer 4

Actually he has two. The original 044- APD and when the show was produced by ABC it became 448- DBZ.

Q In which episode does Columbo’s dog first appear?

Answer 5

Etude to Black