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I am Guru Aziz. Please leave your shoes at the door and come and experience Pakistan with me. Flick through the slides of my most amazing spiritual journey, which I reveal step-by-step in over 600 slides, divided into six sections for easy readability.

Like Julius Caesar said – “I came – I saw – I was deported.”

We arrive in southern-most Pakistan and journey northwards through the provinces heading to the capital Islamabad. As you will discover, events unfold which take us further north and into China. The journey through the Pakistan provinces is a mix of informative material and humour. As we near Islamabad and continue to China the slides take on a different format and are presented in comic book style.

On this epic life-changing journey I visit many interesting places and people. All of the information, events and characters are true. I hope you will enjoy the experience and leave a generous donation. Please don’t go without checking out the magnificent merchandise on this page, some offers I’ve applied the added bonus of buy one for the price of two. All postage and packaging is free for a small fee of £5.

Slides of epic journey through Pakistan

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