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Greek day

In the Euro

If Greece were to stay in europe it would seek more cash injections. Since 2010, the Athens government has been reliant on two EU-IMF bailouts totalling €240bn. the country currently owes €320bn.

Surprise your friends and colleagues by arranging a Greek day in the office!

Ask everyone to come dressed the part, and lay on some food and entertainment. Food can be traditional Greek fare and the entertainment could be a quiz that rewards the winners with a prize.

So a great prize could be a DVD of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.


Q1 – What is the correct name of the film.

a) Captain Corelli’s panetoni
b} Captain Morelli’s tortellini
c ) Captain Corelli’s mandelin

Q2 – Demis Roussos’s album sales made the Guiness book of records. How many did he sell.

a ) 10 million
b ) 35 million
c ) 60 million

Q3 – Does Cyprus belong to Greece or Turkey.

a ) Greece
b ) Turkey
c ) Both

Q4 – Which is not a Greek themed film.

a ) Zorba the Greek
b ) Ice cold in Alex
c ) Mama Mia!

Q5 – Which of these is not Greek.

a ) Anthony Quinn
b ) Jennifer Aniston
c ) Elvis Presley

Q6 – An ancient Greek landmark is called the:

a ) Apothecary
b ) Acropolis
c ) Apocalypse

Q7 – What is the famous Greek olive called.

a ) Calamata
b ) Hakuna Matata
c ) Tomata

Q8 – Which of these is a Greek island.

a ) The island of Peat
b ) The Island of Heat
c ) The island of Crete

Q9 – Which is a Greek food dish.

a ) Moustacha
b ) Moussaka
c ) Koo Starker

Q10 – Greek yoghurt is originally made from.

a ) Ewe’s milk
b ) cow’s milk
c ) goat’s milk

Click here for the answers

Out the Euro

If Greece were to leave the single currency the banks would reopen with a parallel currency before the revival of Greece’s former currency, the drachma.