Secret Government
on Vaccine-Damaged Children

Why do our governments
cover-up these FACTS!

The information in this article was excerpted from Immunization
Theory vs. Reality: Expose’ on Vaccinations by Neil Z. Miller.
Copyright 1996. Your comments
are welcome.

The general public is essentially unaware of the true number of
people (mostly children) who have been permanently damaged or
killed by vaccines. In fact, most parents would be surprised to learn
that the government has a computer database filled with several thousand
names of disabled and dead babies, children who were healthy and alive
just prior to receiving the vaccines. Of course, the medical
establishment and federal government don’t readily disclose this
information because they know it may frighten parents into seeking other
ways to protect their children. In other words, parents just might think
this issue through on their own and decide to reject the shots.

Federal Admission of Vaccine Risks:

In 1986, Congress officially acknowledged the reality of
vaccine-caused injuries and death by creating and passing The
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (Public  Law  99-660).
The safety reform portion of this law requires doctors to provide
parents with information about the benefits and risks of
childhood vaccines prior to vaccination, and to report vaccine
reactions to federal health officials. Doctors are required by law to
report suspected cases of vaccine damage. To simplify and centralize
this legal requisite, federal health officials established the Vaccine
Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — operated by the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA).

Ideally, doctors would abide by this federal law and report adverse
events following the administration of a vaccine. However, the FDA
recently acknowledged that 90 percent of doctors do not report
vaccine reactions. They are choosing to subvert this law by claiming
the adverse event was, in their opinion, not related to the shot.
[Numerous examples of this may be found on pages 96-98]. In fact, every
year about 12,000 reports of adverse reactions to vaccines are made to
the FDA (data accessible only through the Freedom of Information Act).
These figures include hospitalizations, irreversible brain damage, and
hundreds of deaths.  Considering that these numbers represent just
10 percent, the true figures during this period could be as high as
120,000 adverse events annually.

Maybe it doesn’t matter that doctors won’t report vaccine reactions,
because the  federal government won’t investigate them. Government
officials claim VAERS was designed to "document" suspected
cases of vaccine damage. No attempt is being made to confirm or deny the
reports. Parents are not being interviewed, and the vaccines that
preceded the severe reactions are not being recalled. Instead, new waves
of unsuspecting parents and innocent children are being subjected to the
damaging shots.

Who Pays for Compensation?

In order to pay for vaccine injuries and deaths, a surtax is levied
on mandated vaccines. When parents elect to have their children
vaccinated, a portion of the money they spend on each vaccine goes into
a congressional fund to compensate them if their child is hurt or killed
by the shot. This insurance fee ranges from several dollars per dose
(for the DPT and MMR vaccines) to several cents per dose for some of the

The compensation portion of the law awards up to $250,000 if the
individual dies, or millions of dollars to cover lifelong medical bills,
pain, and suffering in the case of a living (but brain damaged) child.
By August 31, 1997, more than $802 million had already been paid
out for hundreds of injuries and deaths caused by mandated vaccines.
Thousands of cases are still pending.

The government’s estimated future liability for pre-1988 vaccine
damage exceeds $1.7 billion, with complete settlement of claims not
expected until 1998. For the majority of claimants, there is no money
available. Also, Vaccine Injury Compensation Claims "do not  include
 private settlements, or the many families that become dependent on
public assistance for  medical and living expenses because of
vaccine injuries." Therefore, taxpayers subsidize vaccine
manufacturers and the federal government by paying for their
vaccine-liability expenses.

How Are Vaccines Made?

Vaccine production is a disgusting procedure. To begin, one must
first acquire the disease germ  — a toxic bacterium or a live
virus. To make a "live" vaccine, the live virus must be
attenuated, or weakened for human use. This is accomplished by serial
passage — passing the virus through animal tissue several times to
reduce its potency. For example, measles virus is passed through chick
embryos, polio virus through monkey kidneys, and the rubella virus
through human diploid cells — the dissected organs of an aborted foetus!
"Killed" vaccines are "inactivated" through heat,
radiation, or chemicals.

The weakened germ must then be strengthened with adjuvants (antibody
boosters) and stabilizers. This is done by adding drugs, antibiotics,
and toxic disinfectants to the concoction: neomycin, streptomycin,
sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum
hydrochloride, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, formaldehyde, and
thimerosal (a mercury derivative).

Aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury are extremely toxic substances
with a long history of documented hazardous effects. Studies confirm
again and again that microscopic doses of these substances can lead to
cancer, neurological damage, and death. Yet, each of them may be found
in childhood vaccines.

In addition to the deliberately planned additives, unanticipated
matter may contaminate the shots. For example, during serial passage of
the virus through animal cells, animal RNA and DNA — foreign genetic
material  — is transferred from one host to another. Because this
biological matter is injected directly into the body, researchers say it
can change our genetic makeup.

Undetected animal viruses may jump the species barrier as well. This
is exactly what happened during the 1950s and 1960s when millions of
people were infected with polio vaccines that were contaminated with the
SV-40 virus undetected in the monkey organs used to prepare the
vaccines. SV-40 (Simian Virus #40 — the 40th such virus detected since
researchers began looking), is considered a powerful immunosuppressor
and trigger for HIV, the name given to the AIDS virus. It is said to
cause a clinical condition similar to AIDS, and has been found in brain
tumors, leukemia, and other human cancers as well. Researchers consider
it to be a cancer-causing virus.

What happens next, once this foul concoction — live viruses,
bacteria, toxic substances, and diseased animal matter — is created?
This witch’s brew is forced into the healthy child.

Satanic Rituals:

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn often criticized modern medicine for its
sanctimonious doctrine. He argued that "doctors are the priests who
dispense holy water in the form of inoculations" to ritually
initiate our loyalty into the larger medical industry. Dr. Richard
Moskowitz agrees: "Vaccines have become sacraments of our faith in
biotechnology. Their efficacy and safety are widely seen as self-evident
and needing no further proof."

Others see a link between vaccinations and satanic rituals or
witchcraft, where animals are sacrificed and their organs brewed in a
hellish concoction of horrid substances: voodoo medicine by 20th-century
mad scientists.(75-77) Sadly, our children are their unwilling subjects
as society is slowly devoured by their insatiable appetite for human
experimentation [Figure 5].

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Dr wakefield on autism


Dr Wakefield on Autism

He’s a doctor of gastroenterology, the head of cutting
edge research groups, writer of more than a hundred papers on the
subject, honored and recognized by his peers. Not only that, he’s got
a good sense of humour, cultured British accent, good looks, and the
body of a rugby player.

There’s plenty not to like, at least according to his

"I couldn’t say into your microphone what they
called me," he told Spectrum at the Autism 2000 conference
in Kamloops, British Columbia. "It’s not been

Hear Andrew
Wakefield’s full interview with Spectrum on our Radio


very nice."

What Wakefield has done is ignite a controversy about
autism and vaccination. His research has uncovered a possible problem
with a triple vaccine given to children at around 15 months… the
Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine, or MMR. In a nutshell, Wakefield’s
found what may be links between the measles virus and the sudden onset
of a form of autism in children who had seemed to be developing

As a result of his studies, MMR vaccination rates have
dropped in Britain and Ireland… and he’s been labelled a liar, a
scientific cheat, and much, much, worse. His colleagues have distanced
themselves from him. His bosses told him

"I may have to join Pediatricians Anonymous," joked one
local doctor at the conference, after hearing Wakefield’s

to stop talking. The Centre for Disease Control tore a
strip off his research.

And the evidence supporting him just won’t go away

Wakefield didn’t know much at all about autism four
years ago. That’s when he was working as a surgeon at the University of
Toronto, studying small intestine transplant techniques. And that’s when
his moderately promising career, he jokes, went seriously off the rails.

How does a gastroenterologist end up in the middle of a
global immunology debate? "Inflammatory bowel diseasesis about
immunology, so one has been involved for a long time" he says.
"You learn about the subject as you need to, as they become
relevant to your discipline."

The study of infectious diseases of the bowel and
intestine. Crippling diseases, like Krohn’s and colitis. Wakefield had
also been researching the link between Krohn’s disease, a bowel
inflammation, and the measles virus. After publishing research paper on
the subject, he began getting strange calls from parents… parents of
children with autism. Their children also had chronic bowel problems.
Could it be possible, they asked him, that their children’s mental and
physical disturbances could also be caused by the measles virus?

Wakefield didn’t know. In fact, he hardly knew anything
at all about autism. But he was willing to listen to parents.

"Everything I know about autism, I know from
listening to parents," he says. "I was told by my mentor to
listen to the patient, or the patient’s parents… the answers you are
looking for they have."

Wakefield began to hear a strange tale… that children,
who seemed to be perfectly normal developmentally, began to regress
quickly after receiving the MMR vaccine shot.

Wakefield says these parents were told by their
physicians that there could be no possible link between their children’s
autism and their bowels. Parents knew better… many of their children
suffer from some kind of bowel disorder.

"The first thing one does as a physician is take a
history, and do an examiniation of the patient," says Wakefield.
"And the histories were consistent."

Wakefield decided to look… and couldn’t believe what
he found. There was the measles virus in the gut of children with
autism… who had never had the measles.

In February 1998, having seen 11 more patients with
identical symptoms, he published his results… and his theory… in the
Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical papers. He and his colleagues
described how they discovered this same pattern of inflammation of the
bowel, which they believed was part of a new disease, autistic
enterocolitis, in all 12 children. They reported that parents of eight
of the children said that the youngsters’ behaviour began to deteriorate
after their MMR vaccinations. While there was no direct evidence of a
link, Dr. Wakefield said it must be properly investigated. He stressed
he was not anti-vaccine, and only wanted safe vaccination programmes for

It was still enough to ignite a firestorm. Wakefield was
quickly accused of undermining the public’s confidence in vaccines, and
putting children’s lives at risk. They said his sampling of subjects and
definition of the disease was ‘probably not accurate’. Panels of experts
who reviewed his work said there wasn’t enough evidence to support a

"The link is just an association that people have
made because of the fact that autism is diagnosed between one and two
years of age most commonly and that is around the same time period that
the MMR vaccination is given," says Dr. Mark Rosenberg of the
American Academy of Pediatrics.

Wakefield has dug deeper, and examined more than 160
children. His latest research seems to mirror his first finding… that
something is happening to put the measles virus in the guts of kids with
autism… kids who seemed fine before receiving their shots.

Wakefield, however, is no anti-vaccine advocate. He
insists his research is only raising questions… important questions,
that the vaccine establishment should at least consider. He points out
that there has never been a problem with measles vaccine alone… that
the problem may lie in combining three viruses in a single vaccine.

But that’s been enough to bring up the heavy guns
against him. Millions of children are vaccinated with MMR every year,
and public health officials say

Millions of children are vaccinated with MMR every year, and
public health officials say breaking up the vaccine into its three
components would result in less coverage, and a return to the days
of widespread childhood disease.

breaking up the vaccine into its three components would
result in less coverage, and a return to the days of widespread
childhood disease.

Dr. Brent Taylor has been one critic of Wakefield’s
work. A senior colleague of Wakefield’s at the same London medical

Taylor has done the largest study to date on the
subject, with about 500 autistic children in London. He found no
relation between the children’s vaccination dates and the onset of their
disease. His work was hailed by the vaccine authorities, world wide, as
the absolute proof, and the final word, that indeed there was no MMR/Autism
link. However, parents of children with autism were not convinced, and
many researchers rejected Taylor’s methodology and conclusions. No
large-scale independent studies have been carried out in Canada or the
United States.

The controversy continues. Japanese laboratories are
beginning to make the same findings as Wakefield, while the biggest
names in the public health community, like the CDC in the States, attack
Wakefield’s research. Wakefield says he’s simply calling for more study.
He agrees no genetic ‘fingerprint’ has been taken identifying the
measles virus in autistic children’s gut as the MMR vaccine virus.
That’s the next big step. Laboratories are now urgently working on
sequencing the genetic make-up of the virus to see if it matches the
vaccine strain. The answer may come sometime this year.

If Wakefield’s findings prove to be correct the
implications will be enormous. It will suggest that while MMR may be
safe for the vast majority of children, some – perhaps a minority who
are somehow genetically susceptible – may be seriously damaged by it.

"The important message is that there may be an
association. We have yet to prove it is a causal association or
not," he says. "But we don’t want Measles, Mumps or Rubella to
come back- we still need vaccination. It’s just that the way we do that
that is crucial. Until we know, there should be a single vaccine

Wakefield’s been urged to do more research, have a
larger sample, to work with double-blind tests, to do more standard
research to confirm his theories.

He’s also speaking around the world. Local pediatricians
turned out in force at the conference in Kamloops to hear Andrew
Wakefield speak. They were also ready to challenge his stand.

But at least one doctor said Wakefield’s presentation
had made him question his own views on the subject.

"I may have to join Pediatricians Anonymous,"
he quipped.

suit links mercury in vaccines to kids’ autism

by Michael Lasalandra

Saturday, September 1, 2001

Two Bay State couples have filed a class action lawsuit charging that
their three children – and perhaps thousands of others – have developed
autism from mercury-containing childhood vaccines.

“Something’s going on here,” said Mike Chmura of Waltham, who believes
the mercury in the vaccines may be the reason his 5-year-old son, Evan, has

“There’s all these autism cases. It wasn’t around in these numbers 50
years ago. The schools are filling up with these kids,” he said. “Then you
find out they put mercury in the vaccines. It seems kind of crazy to put
something in a kid’s bloodstream that can damage his brain.”

Chmura and his wife, Susan, and another couple, Jared and Marjorie Hansen
of Framingham, the parents of Jacob Hansen, 4, and William Hansen, 2, are
plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit filed in Middlesex Superior Court this

Attorney Robert Bonsignore of Medford, who represents the families, said
there may be up to half a million Massachusetts children who may have been
unnecessarily exposed to dangerously high doses of mercury that were added
to many childhood vaccines, including DPT, between 1990 and 2001.

The mercury was contained in a preservative known as thimerosol.

The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that an infant’s total
exposure to mercury be reduced through thimerosol-free vaccines.

“Both acute and chronic mercury poisoning are well-documented in the
medical and scientific literature, and mercury has long been known to cause
neurological injuries in children,” says families’ complaint.

Both couples charge the vaccines have caused the boys to develop autism,
a developmental disorder characterized by a person’s difficulty connecting
with others.

Federal recommendations urge 20 injections in a child’s first 18 months.

Evan Chmura was diagnosed with autism at age 2 .

His mother, Susan, said the boy “started showing some signs early on.
Behaviors that were odd. We trace it back to when he was getting those
shots. I remember holding him. He would just sit there. He was

According to Evan’s dad, Mike, “He’s delayed. He’s a year and a half
behind in his speech. He can’t interact with people very well. He gets
obsessed with things. He has behavioral problems. He doesn’t have good

“We’re just trying to do whatever we can to figure out what’s going on
with this kid and what we can do to help him,” he said.

Defendants in the case are Aventis Pasteur Inc., Pfizer Inc.,
GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Co., Abbott Laboratories, American Home Products
and Baxter International, all makers of childhood vaccines, as well as five
companies that make thimerosal, and several physicians in Massachusetts and

Bonsignore said the use of the mercury-containing vaccines may be the
reason for growing autism rates here and around the country.

“The autism rate in Massachusetts is 1-in-150 children,” he said.

Concerns have been raised that a number of childhood vaccines – including
DPT, hepatitis B, HIB and MMR – may be linked to autism.

Fears that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine might be linked
to autism were sparked by a 1998 report in The Lancet, a British medical

In that report, researchers described 12 children who developed autism
and similar behavioral problems soon after vaccination with MMR.

Since that report, several larger studies, including tens of thousands of
children, have found no link between MMR vaccination and autism.

Dr. Susan Lett, medical director of the immunization program for the
state Department of Public Health, said MMR never contained mercury, but
said concerns were raised because most children come down with autism
between 15 months and 18 months, around the same time they get the MMR

She said other vaccines, including DPT, hepatitis B and HIB, used to
contain mercury as a preservative, but no longer do.

“There’s no evidence of a link between any of these vaccines and any
form of autism,” she said. “There have been a number of studies here and
in Europe that have been very reassuring.”

Still, she said the National Institutes of Health is continuing to study
the matter.

Certain vaccines still do contain the mercury, including the flu vaccine
and TB booster shots, she said.

Taken from:

The Silent Genocide

Extracts from Medical Mafia by
Guylaine Lanctot, M.D.


Why this lethal relentlessness?

What is the objective of the world authorities in destroying people’s health,
both in industrialized countries and in the Third World? It is always difficult to
presume the intentions of others, particularly when one is not close to them.
And this is true in this instance.

But there are certainly advantages for someone, somewhere, to so doggedly
keep-up the campaign for vaccinations, by any and all means possible.
They must profit someone, somewhere. One thing is certain. It is not to our
advantage. In order to determine what these advantages are, and for whom,
let us stop and look at the CONSEQUENCES of these massive vaccination programs
and draw our own conclusions.

1. Vaccination is expensive and represents a cost of one billion dollars
annually. It therefore benefits the industry; most notably, the multinational
manufacturers. One sells the vaccines. The other then provides the arsenal of
medications to respond to the numerous complications that follow. Their
profits increase while our expenses go through the roof. To the point where we
have simply had it up to here and are ready to accept the unacceptable, such
as socialized medicine in the United States, for example.

2. Vaccination stimulates the immune system, the body’s defense mechanism.
Repeated, vaccination exhausts the immune system. It gives a false sense of
security and, in doing so, it opens the door wide to all kinds of illnesses.
Notably, to those related to AIDS, which can only develop on ripe ground,
where the immune system has been disturbed. It causes AIDS to explode. It
ensures that the illness flourishes perpetually.

3. Vaccination leads to social violence and crime. What better way to
destabilize a country than to disarm its inhabitants, and reinforce police and
military control? The authorities subtly create situations of panic and fear among
the population which, in turn, necessitate the reinforcement of protection
measures”, including forbidding citizens from owning weapons. The authorities
then come across as saviors and strengthen their control. It is certain that,
in order to impose a single world army, one must first disarm the citizens of
every country. One must therefore create violence, if they are to achieve this
disarmament, particularly in the United States where the right to bear arms is
guaranteed by the Constitution.

4. Vaccination encourages medical dependence and reinforces belief in the
inefficiency of the body. It creates people who need permanent assistance.
It replaces the confidence one has in oneself with a blind confidence in others,
outside ourselves. It leads to loss of personal dignity, in addition to making us
financially dependent. It draws us into the vicious circle of sickness
(fear – poverty – submission) and, in this way, ensures the submission of the herd
so as to better dominate and exploit it. And then lead them to the abattoir.
To slaughter. Vaccination also encourages the moral and financial dependence of
Third World countries. It perpetuates the social and economic control of Western
countries over them.

5. Vaccination camouflages the real socio-political problems of
poverty of some due to exploitation by others, and results in
techno-scientific pseudo-solutions that are so complicated and vaccination
diverts funds which should be used to help improve living conditions, and
channels them into the banks of the multinationals. It is so sophisticated
that patients cannot understand. In addition, the gap widens between the
dominant rich and the exploited poor.

6. Vaccination decimates populations. Drastically in Third World countries.
Chronically in industrialized countries. In this regard, Robert McNamara, the
former President of the World Bank, former Secretary of State in the United States,
who ordered massive bombing of Vietnam, and a member of the Expanded Program
on Immunization, made some very interesting remarks. As reported by a French
publication, j”ai tout compris”, he was quoted as stating: “One must take
draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the
populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or
insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural
means. Famine and sickness.” (Translation.)

7. Vaccination enables the selection of populations to be decimated.
It facilitates targeted genocide. It permits one to kill people of a certain race,
a certain group, a certain country. And to leave others untouched. In the name of
health and well-being, of course.

Take Africa, for example. We have witnessed the almost total disappearance of
certain groups. Some 50% dead, estimate the most optimistic. Some 70% dead,
according to the less optimistic. As if by chance, many were in the same
region, such as Zaire, Uganda, the extreme south of the Sudan. In 1967, at
Marburg in Germany, seven researchers, working with green African monkeys,
died of an unknown hemorrhagic fever.

In 1969, also by chance, the same sick-ness killed one thousand people in Uganda.
In 1976, a new unknown haemorrhagic fever killed in the south of Sudan.
Then in Zaire. It is noteworthy that since l968, virologists (virus specialists)
have installed their sophisticated equipment in certain hospitals in Zaire.
At a CIA hearing, Dr. Gotlieb, a cancerologist, admitted having dispersed, in 1960,
a large quantity of viruses in the Congo River (in Zaire) to pollute it and
contaminate all the people who used the river as their source of water. Dr.
Gotlieb was named to head up the National Cancer Institute!

A couple of years ago, Reuters reported: ‘An illness similar to AIDS has killed
60,000 in the south of Sudan. They call the illness, the killer. Families, whole
villages, have disappeared. This illness, the Kalaazar, takes the form of a
fever and loss of weight. The symptoms are the same as those of AIDS. The
immune system is deficient and one dies of other infections.” It is obvious
that Africa, particularly those countries in the center and to the south,
contain fabulous resources that have always incited westerners to crush their
inhabitants to take over their riches. And beware anyone who stands in their
way. The colonies have disappeared. But not colonialism.

8. Vaccination serves as a form of experimentation, to test new products on
a great sampling of a population. Under the guise of health and the well-being of
the population, people are vaccinated against a pseudo-epidemic with products that
one wants to study. The vaccine of hepatitis B seems to be the choice of
authorities to accomplish this goal. Yet, this vaccine is manufactured by a
process of genetic manipulation. And it is much more dangerous than the
traditional vaccine because it inoculates into the body cells that are foreign
to its genetic code. Moreover; this vaccine is produced from virus cultivated
on the ovaries of Chinese hamsters. One can only imagine what future
generations will look like! But there is more. It is also reported to cause
cancer of the liver. Despite all that, it enjoys great popularity among the
authorities, who impose it first on all those who work in the health field,
and then on the rest of the population.

In 1986, the medical authorities administered the vaccine against hepatitis B to
Native Indian children in Alaska, without any explanation or the consent of
their parents. Many children fell ill. And several died. It seems there was a
virus called RSV (Rous Sarcoma Virus) in the vaccine. American Indian tribes
have been subjected to many vaccinations. Let us be aware that they are
difficult to beat into submission, and they own vast tracts of land which the
authorities would like to have for their own benefit.

Recently when I met a group of Native women to chat about health with them, the
subject of vaccinations cropped up. I was giving them some information on the topic
when, suddenly, the group’s nurse confided in me that the federal government had
given her complete freedom in the management of their health, but on one
strict condition. That every vaccination had to be scrupulously applied to
all. The silence was deafening. We all understood.

In 1988, the Ambassador of Senegal gave a radio interview reporting on the ravages
of AIDS in his country where entire villages were being decimated. A few years
earlier, scientific and medical teams had come to vaccinate their inhabitants
against hepatitis B.

In 1978, a new vaccine was tested on homosexuals in New York.

And in 1980, on those in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and St Louis.
Officially, this “new vaccine” was against hepatitis B and, as we now know, it
caused many of them to die from AIDS. It sounded the “official” beginning of the AIDS
epidemic in 1981. The vaccination program of homosexuals against hepatitis B was led
by Saint W.H.O. and the National Institute of Health.

There are reports of collaboration between these two organizations in 1970 to study the
consequences of certain viruses and bacteria introduced to children during vaccination

In 1972, they transformed this study to focus on the viruses which
provoked a drop in the immune mechanism. Wolf Szmuness directed the
anti-hepatitis B experiments undertaken in New York. He had very close links
with the Blood Center where he had his laboratory, the National Institute of
Health, the National Cancer Institute, the FDA., the W.H.O., and the Schools
of Public Health of Cornell, Yale, and Harvard. In 1994 a vast vaccination
campaign against hepatitis B was undertaken in Canada. It is both useless,
dangerous and costly. And what for? Is there a hidden agenda? I note that the
Province of Quebec is a particular target, over the course of three years.

1992: vaccination against meningitis
1993: re-vaccination against meningitis
1994: vaccination against hepatitis B.

I was there in 1993. It troubled me to see that it was aimed at a whole generation
(1 to 20 years), in only one province. Since when do viruses respect borders, and
specially provincial ones at that? The facts are:

There was no epidemic, nor risk of one. Epidemiologists confirmed it. Three different
vaccines were administered, each in a designated area. Certain nurses were
selected and trained to administer a special vaccine. All children were
entered into a computerized data bank. The pressure to vaccinate the
children was enormous.
Schools were turned into clinics. Those who did not
want to be vaccinated were pointed out and treated as social outcasts. Nurses
chased down parents at home who did not want their children vaccinated.

I had a direct account of one of these kids. The mother did not want her child
vaccinated. The nurse who came to the house made her believe that it was
compulsory. The mother gave in…the child is now handicapped: physically and
mentally (paralyzed spastic).

The vaccination cost $30 million. Why was there such a murderous will? Like Native
peoples, the people of Quebec are also a “bother”. They believe in their cultural
identity and in sovereignty. What is more, Quebec with its Native territories,
encompasses huge reservoirs of water which many a multinational have their eyes on.
As an acquaintance of mine who sits on the California water management board said,
“Water today is gold.” Could one think of a more appropriate biological weapon to
possibly remove any impediments to accessing that resource?

9. Vaccinations permit epidemiological studies of populations to collect data
on the resistance of different ethnic groups to different illnesses. It permits one
to study the reactions of the immune systems of large numbers of the
population to an antigen (virus, microbe) injected by vaccination. Should it
be within the framework of the fight against an existing illness, or one that
has been provoked. In 1987, certain American laboratories and the Department
of Biotechnology of India signed an agreement authorizing the testing of
genetically manufactured vaccines on the people of India.

This agreement was met with fierce opposition because it gave access to
epidemiological and immunity profiles of a population. This data is extremely
important from a military standpoint. It is even more valuable because India has
never experienced yellow fever. And, at time of writing this book, it had known only
a handful of cases of AIDS. Over and above all that, the private American
laboratories proposed to test products on the Indian population for which they
had no right to test in the United States! And the Indian authorities

10. Vaccination is a biological weapon at the service of
biological warfare. It permits the targeting of people of a certain race, and
leaves the others who are close by more or less untouched. It makes it
possible to intervene in the hereditary lineage of anyone selected. A new
speciality is born. Genetic engineering. It is flourishing, enjoys much
prestige, and is receiving substantial research hinds.

The challenge is staggering. To find a vaccine which gives an illness against which
we already have the vaccine! In this way, we would be able to send in troops who have
already been vaccinated against the killer vaccine, which they would then
spread among the enemy. It is absolutely crazy and insane! 

Meanwhile, industrial theft is in full swing. Captain and biologist of the US Navy
at Fort Detrick, Neil Levitt, reported the disappearance of 2.35 liters of an
experimental vaccine. A dose sufficient to contaminate the entire world. Fort
Detrick is a research laboratory which manufactures vaccines. It is located
quite close to Washington, in Maryland, and it is attached to the National
Cancer Institute at Bethesda, a suburb of the capital.

It is hardly astonishing that, in every major vaccination campaign, one finds the
same tangled web. Government, the military, Saint W.H.O., financiers, researchers,
laboratories, universities, the CIA, and the World Bank.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that: In the name of the defense of our countries,
we manufacture the most murderous of weapons. War; whether it be biological or not,
is war. And weapons kill. Biological warfare is a giant business, largely financed BY
OUR FUNDS, through the medium of the military, research, and our donations. It
is also financed, and without our knowledge, BY OUR LIVES. Those of our
children and of millions of innocents who have been sacrificed.

It is we, those who live in the Western world, who are responsible for all the
illnesses and acts of genocide in the world. By our acceptance of
vaccinations, both at home and abroad.

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We Must Have The Freedom To Choose & Respect Everyone’s Choice

Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical OR legal advice.
The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and
yours alone.

Any information obtained here is not to be construed
as medical OR legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement
that decision is yours and yours alone.