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1. The Dioxin Deception by Tamara Straus

2. The Story of ESSIAC by Pat Rattigan ND

The Dioxin Deception

by Tamara Straus for AlterNet

This is an American article referring to al Gore, circa 1988

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The causes of cancer are contested. Certainly there is evidence that the disease can be passed down from generation to generation. There is also, of course, proof that smoking can cause lung cancer and a diet high in salt and sugar can cause stomach cancer. But
there is no way to predict with certainty who will get cancer or why. And so the wives’ tales proliferate: deodorant causes breast cancer; stress causes brain cancer; repression causes colon cancer.

However there is one general connection that has been proved but remains buried. It is the connection between dioxin and cancer. Dioxin is formed when chlorine-containing chemicals, like plastic or industrial waste, are burned, or when pulp or paper are bleached. The chemical then becomes airborne, settling on plants that are eaten by animals, which, in turn, are eaten by humans. Humans retain dioxins in their fatty tissue through both meat and dairy consumption. And once dioxin is lodged in the body there it remains.

Scientists have known the dangers of dioxin for a long time. When the US Environmental Protection Agency completed its first health assessment of dioxin in 1985, it reported that more people will get more cancer from dioxin than any other chemical on earth. The assessment was intended to form the basis of all future EPA regulations of dioxin emissions.

But, according to a report released on April 3 by the Center for Health, Environmental and Justice, the paper and chlorine industries pressured the EPA to reconsider publishing its assessment — and have succeeded in burying, waylaying and buying off government officials ever since. CHEJ’s report, "Behind Closed Doors," is among the most damning studies ever written on how the chemical industry has influenced policy makers and concealed vital health information from the public.

Behind Closed Doors reveals that year after year the publication of the EPA’s report on dioxin has been stalled due to pressure from the chemical industry. Tactics have included:

– funding alternative scientific panels, which

– pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaigns of President Bush and former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman (who now runs the EPA)

– influencing the negotiations of the United Nations Treaty on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS), which is intended to eliminate the proliferation of dioxin and other pollutants

– suing the EPA on the grounds that its guidelines for classifying dioxin as a "known human carcinogen" are false

– squelching community groups and anti-dioxin activists

– and attempting to prevent local governments, such as the California counties of San Francisco and Marin and the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco and Palo Alto, from passing resolutions to phase out dioxin sources.

"If you start telling people that every child born in this country has dioxin in their body," said Gary Cohen of the Environmental Health Fund, a partner of CHEJ, "if you show them the list of health effects and that every mother is passing dioxin on to her child, if you say we are all being exposed to hundreds of thousands of chemicals — it’s an explosive issue. And the chemical industry, particularly the chlorine section of the chemical industry, will be in trouble."

So you might say it is in the chemical industry’s interests to keep scientific studies of dioxin poisoning under wraps. Among the key findings of "Behind Closed Doors" is the role the American Chemical Council and the Chlorine Chemistry Council have played in preventing a final release of the EPA’s dioxin assessment.

Chiefly, the report shows that the ACC and CCC have manipulated the Science Advisory Board of the EPA’s dioxin committee through money. The CHEJ’s research on the November 2000 dioxin committee shows that a third of its members received funding from 91 dioxin-generating companies, like Dow and DuPont.

One panel member, John Graham, the director of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, who has a long history of working for the chemical industry, told National Public Radio last year that the chances of getting cancer from dioxin and getting killed in a car crash were both 1 in 100, which put dioxin "on par with common risks." However, the EPA’s 2000 draft report on dioxin health risks reports that the "chemical is 10 times more likely to cause cancer than previously estimated," according to a May 18 New York Times article.

Of course, the EPA’s report has not been released, so the EPA scientist who talked to the Times spoke on the condition of anonymity. But he also mentioned that the EPA’s data showed that "dioxin might alter [human] development and that it might affect thyroid secretions." Other known health risks of dioxin documented by the EPA and CHEJ include attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, weakened immune system, birth defects and endometriosis, which often results in infertility.

Health activists had hoped that the EPA would publish its dioxin report during the Clinton administration. As Cohen put it last fall, "if the report is not released before November or if Gore does not win the presidency, it will never see the light of day."

For that reason, "Behind Closed Doors" was released the same day Whitman met with top EPA scientists and policy officials to talk about the future of the dioxin reassessment. But given that, according to CHEJ, Whitman did much to deregulate the chemical industry’s environmental standards while governor (reducing, for example, air and water pollution violation fines from $40 million to $11 million in eight years), and that, according to Newsweek, the American Chemistry Council raised over $350,000 for Bush’s campaign, further stalls are likely.

So Americans will remain in the dark. Still, there is evidence of a growing movement against the chemical industry. On March 26, Bill Moyers’ PBS special "Trade Secrets" exposed how chemical companies hid damaging information about vinyl chloride, one of the most potent sources of dioxin.

This unearthing of years of chemical industry documents by Moyers, as well as the reports of CHEJ and other groups may well lead to a public outcry and class action lawsuits. In which case, the chemical industry will find itself embroiled in scandal similar to the one the tobacco industry faced during the last decade.

The Story of Essiac

by Pat Rattigan ND

(circa 1997-1999)

Taken from his thesis The Cancer Business

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse. Whilst working in a northern Ontario hospital in 1922 she noticed a healed scar on the breast of an elderly patient. The woman explained that thirty years earlier a Toronto doctor had diagnosed cancer and had recommended
mastectomy. Declining the offer, she took the treatment offered her by an Ojibwa/Chippewa herbalist.

The tumour began to shrink and disappeared. Caisse’s first patient was her aunt, with advanced stomach cancer and six months to live, the aunt lived for another twenty years. Caisse treated thousands of
patients over the years, mostly those who were diagnosed incurable and damaged by orthodox treatment. Grateful patients and friends presented a 55,000 signature petition to the Canadian authorities to allow the
treatment to be available to anyone without persecution from the cancer establishment or their government lackeys. The parliamentary vote was lost by three votes due to the behind-the-scenes activity of
the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Dr. Charles A. Brusch, former personal physician to President John F. Kennedy, stated Essiac is a cure for cancer, period. Brusch treated the son of Senator Edward Kennedy. He was being treated by the
Farber Cancer Institute. Dr. Farber didn’t know how to save him, because no-one had ever lived with this type of sarcoma. Brusch made the suggestion to put him on Essiac after which he didn’t have a cancer cell anywhere in his body; but this information has been hidden from the general public. US journalist Scott E. Milners reported:

I spoke with a Seattle man recently diagnosed with cancer of the tongue in 1990. It had spread to the lymph nodes of his neck. He was set for radiation and chemotherapy. His wife wanted him to try
alternatives, he did, but his doctors did not want to listen to him when he told them about the Essiac.

After about two and a half weeks weeks of radiation his tongue was burned like a canker sore. He lost 65 pounds. It took from 4am to 8am to drink his vitamins and juices. The tumour was shrinking.

By the seventh week the radiation had burned the neck so that it looked like raw meat. He stopped the radiation in May 1992. One month later the doctors removed 39 lymph nodes from his neck and there was no cancer in any of them. He still has no cancer today. He takes Essiac daily, he tries to tell the doctors but they don’t want to listen.

Rene Caisse died in 1978. By this time she had amassed a very large body of evidence in the form of patients’ files and other documentation on the efficacy of the Essiac treatment. The Canadian
Ministry of Health and Welfare immediately had the whole of the records destroyed.

A Medical Nuremberg

Whilst those doctors, nurses etc., involved in the carnage, have, through fear, ignorance or finance, kept their heads well down, there have been some honest observers who have taken a stand. Imagine for a moment a procedure in which the luckless victim were anaesthetised, during the anaesthetic his or her body was cut open and had parts removed. As short a time after the operation as possible, the person is exposed to several doses of nuclear emissions so that the symptoms of radiation sickness are suffered. Finally, sub-lethal amounts of drugs are injected with horrifying side-effects. If this villainy were
perpetrated as a punishment on a child-strangler, or mass-murderer, its degree of barbarity would still raise a clamour of protest, carried out as an unsuccessful therapeutic measure in cases of advanced cancer, on the other hand, seems to make it alright.

Medical Malpraxis is defined in the Gould Medical Dictionary as improper or injurious medical or surgical treatment through carelessness, ignorance or intent"!

Another authority goes further to mention that: A more serious criminal lack of care arising from deliberate disregard for the care and safety of other persons constitutes manslaughter. Could it not be
criminal and, thus, manslaughter if the patient, so treated dies of his treatment rather than of his disease?

Seventeen out of twenty cancer every victims shouldn’t have cancer. They have been murdered by the callous indifference of the people with power. ‘The medical model regards cancer as a new race of cells bent on destroying its host by non-cooperation and over-breeding. The invaders are to be killed off by cutting them out, by burning them or poisoning them, preferably short of killing their host. The treatment
is conducted by teams of specialised professionals using the body as a passive battleground. The old idea that a doctor should ‘first do no harm’ has been forgotten. No wonder that the public is beginning to
revolt against such barbarous treatment.

There will be a medical edition of the Nuremberg trials. The atrocities now being committed in the name of orthodox medicine, the suppression of life-giving data, the needless loss of lives, mutilation of bodies and excessive suffering will not continue to be tolerated – ultimately these criminals and their political lackeys will be brought to trial.


In the healthy body, the immune system defences deal with the ever-present, potentially-cancerous cells. There is no element, whatsoever, of bad luck in the incidence of cancer: it does not
strike, like a bolt from the blue, sick and healthy alike. It is an end process of neglected, suppressed ill-health. The ever-increasing immuno-assault, coupled with the out-of-control carcinogenic saturation of the environment, drinking water, food, medicines etc. and the medical trade’s steadfast refusal to stop the legalised slaughter of consensus cancer treatment; all call for individualised action on prevention. Cancer prevention is divided into two overlapping areas: maintenance of the cancer defences, i.e. the promotion, cultivation and maintenance of health on all its planes and the avoidance of the carcinogens – known and suspected.


The incidence, severity, and control of cancer depend, more than any other single factor, on diet, with Vit.B17 foods as a priority. Homo sapiens is a frugivore; designed by the Creator, whoever that may be, to live on raw, organically-grown of course, fruit. Man can also do very well on vegetables, rice, peas, beans etc., but is not by any means suited to meat, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, fish etc. We have the teeth, jaw-action, digits, perspiration mechanism, stomach acid strength, intestinal length of a strict non-animal eater. The Book of Genesis is quite clear on the subject – the Bible-censors slipped up badly when they missed it. Avon): All animal foods – meat, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, fish and the derivatives – whey, egg albumen, gelatin etc. These products are a fibreless mixture of saturated fats, cholesterol, steroid growth-promoters/vaccine/antibiotic/pesticide/herbicide etc. residues, mastitis pus, disinfectant, salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, E coli 0157, etc., etc… Refined carbohydrates – sugar, white flour, bread, biscuits, cakes etc. Synthetic food additives-preservatives, colourants, etc. READ THE LABELS.

Food prepared or contained in aluminium, copper, non-stick cookware or prepared in microwave ovens; smoked foods; very hot food and drinks. Use salt, celery, parsley, parsnips, deep-fried foods in strict moderation. Utensils washed in washing-up liquid must be very thoroughly rinsed; in preference, use washing soda, soap flakes etc. Eat Organically-grown, if possible, fruit, vegetables, peas, beans, rice, chemically-grown carrots are out. Non-organic cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, mushrooms etc. should be boiled for a couple of minutes in salted water, drained and rinsed, then cooked. Lettuce and similar foods which cannot be cleansed with this process or peeled should be home grown or avoided. Emphasise raw foods; whole grain breads; soya products: tofu, soymilk, miso. Eat B17 foods regularly – seeds of apricot, peach, plum, cherry, apple; sprouted alfalfa, mung and wheat seeds; millet, lentils, watercress, lima beans, black-eye beans, broccoli, cabbage, buckwheat, linseed etc.

Garlic is the supreme plant from a physician’s and a cook’s point of view. Eat it raw, cooked, grow it, use it as a medicine for everything from cancer and tuberculosis to coughs, colds, infections, high blood pressure, whooping cough, chemical/heavy metal/radiation detoxification etc., etc.

Use some form of water filter if only a jug type. Areas where fluoride-waste has been dumped in the public drinking water supply will require reverse osmosis or distillation to remove the chemical. Look after the liver: take the juice of a lemon in water on rising; wait a half hour before taking breakfast. Fast one or two days per month on purified water or pure fruit juice; or per week if the will power is there.

The Green Drink: gather unpolluted nettles, dandelion, chickweed, nasturtium, carrot tops, cabbage etc.; wash well, blend with water, put through coarse sieve, drink: put the residue, in small amounts, in the dog’s/cat’s meal and help avoid the vet’s bills and a sick/prematurely-dead animal – from the effects of the vet’s treatment.

Chew all food thoroughly and slowly; without distraction from the television, radio, newspapers or relatives. Alcoholic drinks, preferably organically produced, in moderation and in the evenings can be immuno-supportive and a relatively safe, effective soporific, cleanser and sedative.

Prof. Aviles, of the Mexican Cancer Biochemistry Dept., saw 7,715 cancer patients over 15 years: 99% suffered chronic constipation, the degree of malignancy parallel to the intensity of the constipation. Colon cleanliness is fundamentality important to the prevention of cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. Anyone might well be carrying 5 to 25pounds, or more, of rotting waste in the colon; poisoning and robbing the system of nutrients. A herbal/nutritional cleansing regime will remove the residue in time.

Further Tips

Try to wear cotton or other natural material next to the skin. Expose the eyes to natural light as often as possible, without spectacles or contact lenses. The wearing of a bra for long periods is a major factor in the development of breast cancer. A study on 5,000 US women, showed that 99 percent of the women in the cancer group had worn a bra for 12 hours or more per day; 80 percent in the non-cancer
group, 18 percent of the cancer group slept in their bra; 3 percent in the non-cancer group, 0.24 percent of the women in the cancer group were non-bra wearers; 3 percent in the non group. The study’s authors
Singer and Grismaijer, state that the correlation between the wearing of a bra and breast cancer is between 4 and 12 times greater than the correlation between cigarettes and lung cancer. Wearing a bra continually, 24 hours a day, showed a 125-times greater incidence of breast cancer than no bra wearing at all and a 113 times greater incidence than wearing a bra 12 hours per day. Constriction of the lymph system is an invitation to toxic build-up providing that there is no evidence of a malignant tumour, the breasts should be massaged to increase the detox procedure and the bra should be worn only when considered to be necessary and certainly no more than 12 hours a day. Synthetics.

All ingestion of synthetics, by mouth, nose or skin is to be avoided wherever possible – food and drink additives, fly sprays, aerosol polishes and air fresheners, vehicle exhausts.

Avoid all products of the pharmaceutical industry – pain-killers, fever suppressants, antibiotics, vaccines, fluoride products, steroids etc. Garlic, cayenne and cider vinegar, alone, would replace the majority of the 700,000,000 plus prescriptions shelled out by GPs per year. Put the three – organically produced – in a bottle and keep in the fridge. Take diluted in water, daily.

Electro magnetic sources cannot be avoided in normal life. Everything from electric pylons to quartz analogue watches, is a potential hazard. The rule is Prudent Avoidance. Keep away from electric appliances as far as is practical. Keep your distance when electrical devices, particularly those with transformers, are operative. View television from the side and preferably at least ten feet away. Switch off and unplug devices whenever practical. The use of, or the being in the vicinity of, or the consumption of food from, microwave ovens is absolutely out: portable telephones are for real emergencies only. Fluorescent lights are to be avoided except for small, unavoidable periods. Do not leave electric blankets plugged in
at night when the bed is occupied. The bedroom should be free of electrical devices if possible. Wires are also EM sources as are the mains switch boxes. Use computers only if necessary; the rear of the device also emits large doses of radiation. Keep beds away from the rear of TVs and VDUs whether there is a wall between or not. Consider an independent survey to determine any EM sources in and around the home or workplace.

Medical X-rays are for compound fractures, bullets in the head, chest etc.: not for routine screening or for doctors to order in large doses to protect them from possible future litigation in case they
missed something. Geopathic Stress is caused by the Earth’s natural radiation being made harmful by underground streams, certain minerals, faults etc., it is detected by dowsing. GS has been blamed for a very
wide range of conditions, physical and mental, cancer included; some experienced practitioners have said that all of their cancer cases are people who have spent prolonged periods in geo-stressed areas. Studies
on travelling peoples have shown a significantly lower figure of cancer incidence. Counter measures include placing coils of wire at certain points around the building, moving beds and chairs and installing multi-wave oscillators.

Herbal treatments are part of the nutritional approach to cancer control. Other than garlic and cayenne, specifics for cancer include red clover, periwinkle, yellow dock, dandelion, mistletoe, violet, blue flag, purple-cone flower, golden seal, sage etc., as part of a total holistic package. The full, original ESSIAC formula contains sheep sorrel, Turkish rhubarb, burdock, slippery elm, water cress, kelp, red clover and blessed thistle. The first four are the ones used, usually, today. Proprietary brands may have substitutes in their formulae. Herbs should be bought from a reliable source, with guarantees that they have not been fumigated or irradiated. Herb mixtures need to be prepared carefully with regard to the instructions laid down by those experienced in their usage. They work slowly, with the inherent healing force, to restore harmony within the body.

The Outer Layers

Health is multi-dimensional. Harmony is needed on all the planes; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Continued stress, whether it be caused by cigarette smoke or memories of childhood unhappiness, will, if the pre-disposition is there, lead to a breakdown of the cancer control mechanism. Suppressed negative emotions – grief, resentment, jealousy, anger, fear, can poison just as effectively as
junk food or junk medicine or environmental pollution. Whether through counselling, meditation or healing, the demon must be exorcised: the mirror faced. The cancer personality is a reality. Its degree of importance varying from person to person, as part of the total stress load on the body’s inherent capacity to maintain the status quo – health. The difference between what is important and what is less so must be understood. Important things are smelling flowers, talking to cats and dogs, watching insects, standing in the woodland stream, writing and reading poetry.

Whatever actions were taken by the authorities, immediately and totally, to rectify the scenario, all that could be hoped for would be a damage limitation. As it is, not only will there be no attempt at this limitation, the cancer-makers are continuing to enjoy the full and enthusiastic approval of the government, the medical trade, the bureaucrats, the media and the rest. How much of this is deliberate or through the usual crass incompetence, is of academic interest only. The cancer wipe-out, scheduled for sometime next century, seems inevitable unless some other disaster intervenes first. Individualised actions, in the form
of personal lifestyle changes and the dissemination of currently suppressed information, are the order of the day.