These are my top 5 women, and this does not include the girl that works down my Aldi. There may be a few added on the end, as time goes on new faces, increasingly, become fantasies, and so let’s be clear; any of these women would give me heart palpitations. The images are not meant to be sexist or offend, there is too much of that on this site as it is, but they portray beauty and are a celebration of women blessed with more than their fair share of attractiveness and talent – in my view. As I become older I get increasingly aware of how inappropriate it is to idolise these creatures that are seemingly getting younger and younger with time, but in my defence I am a victim of the mass advertising industry that has enslaved men to worship super thin and brainless models. Except that in my case they I rebel and they are not super thin and certainly not brainless. The women I admire have the perfect mixture of beauty and intelligence, described simply in one word, ‘goddess’.

Yvonne Strahovski

Australian actor Yvonne Strahovski is probably most famed for her role as Mrs Selena Joy, one of the two dominant female characters in The Handmaid’s Tale. For me, it was her role in Chuck, the series that really propelled her to fame, that was her best role. Although saying that it’s hard to imagine anything Yvonne would not be suited to, her role in Chuck was equally matched in The Handmaid’s Tale. She’s also no stranger to feature films, playing the lead role in Tomorrow War.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Tomorrow War

Kylie Minogue

Ola Jordan

Sarah Brightman

Dannii Minogue

Louise Germaine

Louise Germaine was the actor from Lipstick on your Collar.