The Book


The unfinished book is a novel about spies on an international level. It starts with a young man in the Yorkshire Dales and he gets drawn into a movie which takes him to Switzerland where he discovers he is on to something so big that he fears for his life. Can he solve the mystery or even escape it now that he is becoming involved in the plot.

The work is here because it is very limited. I started writing it when I was eleven years old, on my new brother typewritter. At times I would be sat on the floor with my typewritter and dozens of typed A4 sheets spread out. What I did complete were a couple of first draft chapters and that’s it.

The typed script has rested up in my filing cabinet for over forty years. It seems a waste of time to go back to it since it was a first attempt, something that if computers were around then, would have possibly taken no more than a couple of weeks to do. So I keep it for posterity and who knows. This is simply my place to keep a record of it, anyone but me will likely be unimpressed by it.



More to follow soon.