Message to you Rudy

50s ska – Dandy Livingstone

70s ska – The Specials

Monkey Man

50s ska – The Maytals

70s ska – The Specials

Gunshot – Anthony Johnson

The track that made Anthony Johnson

Let Go This One – Anthony Johnson

Reggae but with rudeboy rythem



The Skatalites

Fidel Castro – Skatalites

Note the ska beat with the background and lead horns so common in 70s ska revival.

Dynamite – Skatalites

And the importance of those horns again!

Rock Fort Rock – Skatalites

Note the ska horns but with a reggae baseline

Outback Ska – Skatalites

Now experience the fully rounded horn and beat that is the ‘upbeat’ of ska. This is what allows the top half of the body to move one way and the lower half another way when skanking

SKA greats

British ska

Tears of a Clown

Rankin Full Stop

The Specials

The Mods & Rockers legacy


Reggae Britannia

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