Émilie Satt – Favourite Women

The magnificent and always smiling Émilie Satt singing here the most delightfully soothing and haunting You Blow My Mind from the album ’01’.

Lyrics – YBMM

Just like in sweet blur those ones
Have completely lost their mind
They just breathe what the life gives

Yesterday everything was clear
They both thought they lived in a usual way
Nothing but some rare days were truly deep

– You blow my mind indeed

These days are just like a story you reed
Nothing seems real and you know how I feel
‘cuz we’ve got the same books and we’ve got the same

– Boy, you blow my mind indeed

I’d like us to be fool enough
I’d like us to be alive enough
To leave this lazy life
And live that crazy love

Never had such a rough feeling
Hard and sweet as a storm can be
Blur disappears in the air
No pas, no future, present is the matter
We are together, we are together, we are together
Everything is gonna be better

I’d like us to be fool enough
I’d like us to be alive enough
To leave this lazy life
And live that crazy love

Émilie Satt is from Nice. At twenty years old she left home for Paris to pursue a music career, meeting there a French music artist with whom she began composing her first music. In 2009, after several songs on the radio, she signed with Limoncello Music, a label of EMI Music. In that same year her rendition Come Wander With Me featured as the new Lacoste Touch of Pink TV perfume advert. The original song was composed by Jeff Alexander for a fifth season episode of the Twilight Zone (1964) featuring Bonnie Beecher who also sang it.

Come Wander With Me album version

Come Wander With Me TV advert version

She met composer Jean-Karl Lucas in 2013 to form the group Madame Monsieur and in 2015 they composed the song ‘Smile’ for French rapper Youssoupha and they subsequently appeared on the French music TV show Taratata. They were married in 2015 and November 2016 saw the release of debut EP Tandem.

Her notable vocals for Hooverphonic are Badaboum and Cocaine Kids. In particular the Hooverphonic cover of ‘Badaboom’ a song written for Italian singer Irene Fornaciari from her album Grande Mistero (2012), which Émilie rebranded as Badaboum for the In Wonderland album and which also appears on her own EP called ‘01’. It’s credited as a duet between Émilie and English singer Litlo Tinz, but on stage with Hooverphonic the pairing of Émilie and Pieter Piersman is hard to better.

Studio version Badaboum with Émilie Satt and Litlo Tinz

On stage version Badaboum with Émilie Satt and Pieter Piersman

On 21 March 2017, A Nigerian refugee named Taiwo Yussif was one of 945 refugees crossing from north Africa to Europe that were rescued by the rescue ship L’Aquarius, operated by humanitarian organization SOS Méditerranée. Between waters Taiwo gave birth to a girl she named ‘Mercy’. Émilie hard the news while recording and composed a song to capture the emotions of that ordeal.

Official music video Mercy by Madame Monsieur

Mercy is a song about a baby born in the midst of the European migrant crisis when countries were at odds with their humanitarian responsibilities. Madame Monsieur represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon (May), with the song Mercy, finishing in 13th place. A month later they released their first full length album Vu d’ici (Seen from here) released 20 April 2018. Mercy is track 2 and the spirit of it runs through the album.

Tandem EP

Vu d’ici CD

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