WordPress videos –

Getting familiar with the WordPress environment and designing a decent website.

Video 1 – Introduction

A basic overview of the WordPress concept.

Video 2 – Login

Login and finding your way around the WordPress User Interface.

Video 3 – Admin part 1

A tour of the left side menu – how to chose and install a theme and how to get up and running with a basic child theme.

Video 4 – Admin part 2

The Admin Area.

Video 5 – Overview

Here we see the plan for the gin page and take a look at the page builder and how our story is arranged in sections, rows and modules. And we take a look at what the gin page looks like at the front end.

Video 6 – The first sections

We look at the first five sections of our gin page and introduce them one section at a time to see how they build up the page.

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