How to heal cancer

How to Heal Cancer on Vaccine-Damaged Children

Four natural cancer remedies that have worked for thousands

The Cause

This document will present to you a radically new concept: One of the reasons that you have cancer is that you are infected with a parasite (an intestinal fluke). Now, presented with this hard-to-believe information, I suggest that you do one of two things: either snort in disgust at this ridiculous concept and fling this document over your shoulder, or keep an open mind and read on.

For those of you who are still with me now, this document is meant to be a concise and brief explanation of cancer therapies which have worked for thousands of cancer sufferers. The remedies suggested in this document are simple and inexpensive (perhaps why you will not hear about them from the medical establishment).

How can it be that a parasite causes cancer? First of all, unknown to most of us, most people have one or more parasites in their bodies. We got them from running barefoot as children, from eating undercooked meat, from eating improperly washed fruits and vegetables, and from handling our pets.

One of these parasites is an intestinal fluke. It’s scientific name is Fasciolopsis buskii. It is quite small. Normally this fluke lives where it is supposed to live, in our intestinal tract. There it does little noticeable harm. But sometimes they also invade other organs or parts of your body. There they do a great deal of harm. When the flukes establish themselves there, they can cause cancer.

When, for example, a person’s liver becomes infested with these intestinal flukes, the flukes cause a growth factor to appear which is called ortho-phospo-tyrosine. For brevity I shall refer to it as ortho.
This ortho has a normal function in the body of causing cells to divide. There may be thousands of the flukes in a heavily infested liver. All of them are busy devouring your body fluids and nutrients while spewing forth their waste which further contaminates your liver. This causes the ortho to go haywire, dividing cells where it shouldn’t. Thus you develop cancer in your liver.

Why haven’t you been told this before?

Now that you have survived my first shocking statement (about the parasites!), I now present my other shocker. You are not told the truth about the effectiveness of some cancer therapies because of the business implications.

You see, cancer is big business. And the big businesses that control the health care market protect their profits and interests. What many of us (myself included) have great difficulty accepting is that perhaps the
medical establishment has placed a higher priority on profit making than they have curing cancer.

This is hard to believe. It was for me. It is for others. I have many times spoken with cancer suffers who could not fathom that the institutions which they had trusted all of their lives would let them die in order to make more money. I appreciate their dilemma. Many people, forced by the ravages of their steadily worsening cancer to choose whether or not to follow an alternative approach, elect not to. That is their choice, and I respect them for that.

However I believe very strongly that it was important for them to have this choice. And that is the purpose of this document: to present this information to you so that you may have a choice. This is a
fundamental right which is guaranteed by the Constitution. Some uncomfortable information is as follows:

The largest industry in the world is the petrochemical industry. The second largest industry is cancer. Cancer is a $3.4 billion industry in the US. When a simple and inexpensive remedy for cancer exists, it
threatens the livelihood of some very powerful institutions and groups of people. They then apply political pressure. As an example, the AMA has the largest lobbying group in Washington.

Why do their own doctors need the largest lobbying effort to effect the legislation which governs them? This results in great pressure being placed on government agencies such as the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration is staffed with competent and dedicated people. But the lobbying results of the American Medical Association and the pharmaceutical companies have resulted in rules and regulations which are patently unfair, and result in natural healing modalities being discriminated against.

For example, when cures for cancer which contain herbs or other natural ingredients are presented to the FDA for approval, the FDA cannot consider them because it is only allowed to approve drugs. This Catch 22 means that you will never see an alternative approach to curing cancer approved by them. In addition, hundreds of millions of dollars are needed to fund the many studies which are required for FDA approval.

Only the large pharmaceutical companies can play in this game. What about your doctor? Your doctor places his career in jeopardy if he ever recommends a non-drug approach (non-FDA approved) to curing your cancer. At the turn of the century, the same monied interests which owned the major drug companies established the American Medical Association (AMA). While we were told that the AMA was our protector against quackery, the
AMA quietly but effectively launched a campaign to eradicate all approaches to medicine which competed with the use of drugs (allotropic medicine). Thus natureopathy, herbal medicine, and many other modalities
faded from view.

Meanwhile the AMA also quietly but steadily influenced the curriculums of the medical schools so that most doctors today are for the most part only taught a drug approach to healing. As an example, one doctor told me that, during his eight years of medical study, he received only four hours of nutrition training. So it isn’t that your doctor is a bad guy. On the contrary, he or she is probably very hard working and dedicated. It is just that the system is just as aligned against him as it is against you when it comes to alternative approaches to medicine.

Some doctors are fighting this system. My hero is Dr. David G.Williams of PO Box 929, Ingram, Texas 78025. He publishes a fantastic newsletter called Alternatives for the Health Conscious Individual. I highly recommend this newsletter. Dr. Williams explains the medical establishment’s control very succinctly: he says that if there is an effective cure that is inexpensive, and cannot be controlled by the AMA or the drug companies, you are not going to hear about it from your family doctor or the government. Statistics support this shocking situation. The US spends more (much more) than any other country on its health systems. Yet they rank 79th in terms of overall health. How can this be?

I Want Some Proof!

This document is too brief and concise to contain testimonials or other evidence that my assertion that cancer is caused by a parasite. However this information is available. One good source is the 502 page
document The Cure For All Cancers by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark. This document may be purchased for $19.95 from any good document store. This document contains 100 case histories and is crammed with valuable and informative details.

Why cancer locates where it does

Why does one person develop cancer in the lungs, and another person develop cancer in the prostate gland? It is because the intestinal flukes have spread from the intestinal tract to this area. They do so because this area is weakened. Generally, parasites thrive much better in a weakened organism. This area of the body is weakened because it has one or more of the following problems:

lost its immune power
accumulated a heavy dosage of heavy metals
accumulated a large dosage of toxins
weakened because of improper nutrition
not supplied with a sufficient amount of oxygen
existence of too many free-radicals.

For example, let us take the situation where a man’s prostate gland has accumulated a large amount of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic. Also, PCBs have accumulated there, along with the insecticides and pesticides he has accumulated in his body over his lifetime. All of these contaminating poisons will place stress on this part of his body.

In addition, this man’s overall immune system is low as a result of a lifetime’s abuse of his body. He has eaten too many processed foods, and as a result the cells of his body lack certain minerals, vitamins and
nutrients which they need in order to perform properly. His life has been at times too stressful, resulting in an overactive adrenal system which has become stressed. A lack of sufficient fiber in his diet has
resulted in a buildup in his large intestine (colon) of an impenetrable lining of undigested food deposits. This lining has prevented his blood system from performing its job of expelling toxins and wastes through
the walls of the colon so they can be expelled from the body. As a result, his blood system, unable to expel the toxins and wastes, must carry them around in the body as it performs its work.

The problem created here is that this reduces the amount of oxygen the blood can carry to nourish the cells of the body. Deprived of the oxygen supply they need for proper health, the cells of the body become
weakened. Free radicals also play a part.

What is a free radical? A free radical is a scavenger in your body which is caused by sunlight,
radiation, pollution, harmful chemicals, food additives, tobacco smoke, and stress. Free radicals cause tremendous damage to virtually every kind of tissue in your body, leading to cancer and many other ills.

As a result of all of the above, the intestinal flukes have determined that this man’s prostate gland is weak, and they select it as a new home. Cancer of the prostate will eventually follow.


We propose the following solutions to get rid of your cancer:

Kill all of the intestinal flukes in your body. Then the ortho-phospo-tyrosine will disappear.
Remove the heavy metals from your body.
Remove the toxins from your body.
Build up the body’s immune system.
Purify your blood so that sufficient oxygen is supplied to all parts of your body.
Destroy the excess free-radicals in your body.

This document will provide specific suggestions on how to accomplish the above utilizing herbal parasite remedies, Essiac (a herbal remedy), Pycnogenol (a pine bark extract in tablet form), and kombucha tea. All are natural remedies and all are inexpensive. It is suggested that you may take all four remedies at the same time. They do not interfere with each other.

In addition, you may wish to seek further information from other sources about how to cleanse your colon through diet modification, fasting, herbal cleanses, or colonies; or on how to improve your diet and eating habits so that your body maintains a permanent level of proper nourishment, so that the cells which make up your body are restored to good health.


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