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Zoutelande – Geike Arnaert & BLOF

Belgian singer Geike and Danish group Blof sing their hit single Zoutelande. Before her solo career Geike was the lead singer of Hooverphonic. Her music since has been far removed from the Hooverphonic vibe except perhaps for the single ‘Blinded’ which does feel a little Hooverphonic. Find out more about Geike and Hooverphonic in the Music section.

where I Live – The Archway

category: about me

Despite Archway being a shithole I’ve been here for most of my life. Lately it has finally been recognised as a significant place worthy of investment by the uncaring Council but not down to its unappreciated history but due to the commercial value and real estate revenue for property developers.

What was once, and still is a major London gateway to the North, was unforgivably turned into a carbuncle gyratory by the 1960s head-in-a-cloud-cookoo-land town planners – history has simply repeated itself. The landscape pirates that created the roundabout and the tower are back having removed the roundabout and narrowed the through traffic to one lane. But the folk of our past left their mark and their story is all that remains for posterity, as surely even St Joseph’s will become luxury flats in due course.

Feature 1 – Pakistan in 29 Days

category: humour

The Guru Aziz seeking spiritual enlightenment, sets out on an epic journey of discovery to Pakistan, which he believes to be the craddle of wisdom that once emerged from ancient civilisations along the Indus Valley. The story is told in over 600 scenes and by the end of it, you will truly have a flavour of Pakistan and an insight into one of the most dangerous places on earth to be at.

The Guru lands in Karachi, the southern tip of Pakistan, and travels towards the Capital of Islamabad at the northern tip. With the Indus River cutting through the centre of Pakistan, the country has a turbulent West with the provinces of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and a milder East of Sindh and Punjab. Mr Aziz chooses the Eastern route, not least because the Punjab is his main interest, and the subject matter of his current book about this region of the South Asian sub-continent.

Feature 2 – The 60s lifestyle

category: culinary

The 40s 50s and 60s were wonderfully nostalgic times. From the greatest world war ever enacted during the 40s, through the austerity and rock & roll years of the 50s, and the introduction of everyday kitchen appliances and household comforts that forever changed the way we expected to live in the 60s.

This special feature looks at the way things were before humankind went to the moon and before sattelite TV and the mobile phone.

Feature 3 – Modern Architecture

category: our planet

Architecture is for people, not just for architects and builders. It is foremost a necessity to provide shelter and facilitate our lives, but styles and methods of construction have always been about national pride and the desire to make a mark in human history and be remembered in future ages.

This page looks at skyscrapers and bridges and the designs of churches, airports and other architectural fascinations.

The History of Gin

category: culinary

The history of gin goes hand in hand with the history of rum and the story of distillation. Fermentation is a natural process whereby distillation is a type of processing. We process a fermented base in order to obtain a higher percentage of alcohol by volume.

However, the refinement in the distillation process means a filtering out of flavour; more alcohol, less flavour. And so distillation is essentially the art of hitting the right balance between the desired alcohol content and level of flavour.

Bitcoin & the Blockchain

category: media

You have to have been living in an igloo not to have heard of Bitcoin. You may have come across it on the internet, or seen the newspaper headlines. But do you know what it is and how it differs from the existing currency.

Because it offers anonymity Bitcoin is used to facilitate transactions for drugs and arms. But at its core Bitcoin is just a technology, it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just there to be used. In 2017 its value sky-rocketed and in 2018 it’s setting out to change banking forever.

Women with amusing T-Shirts

category: humour

From the cheeky to the saucy or rude, women are accordingly voicy in proportion with the assets they have been blessed with. If you have it – flaunt it, as the saying goes!

Humour is the best medicine, the humour category contains all sorts of witty amusement including jokes, funny photos, quips, interesting facts and many items to keep you chuckling for a while.

Website News

Arisen from the ashes

This website ‘was’ once the product of twenty years work. I say ‘was’ because with a swipe of the hand my hosting provider ‘JOLT’ deleted my account and their backups and mine all failed. The entire website had been wiped out in December 2015.

It had been huge with media that would have kept you coming back for months; six months in fact of non-stop reading and watching to get through everything. The rise from the ashes in 2016 could not recover a lifetime of work but a humble site existed for posterity and grew with the aim of one day becoming just as wonderful as the original site.

And then in July 2019 it happened again, all websites went down and vital files on my server disappeared. Therefore I made the decision to move everything to a reliable hosting provider – GoDaddy. This is the current version since August 2019.

mobile & tablet friendly

New WordPress/DIVI site

Yes, it’s about taking everything to the edge so the new site is mobile and tablet friendly which means you can link into McDonald’s wifi and browse the site while you’re chumping down on some junk food.

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